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Evansville, Indiana
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Harp's Blog


Harp’s Blog

Baby Bearded Dragon

Pac-Man Frog

Ornate Plated Lizard

One of our male Gerbils.

Albino Ball Python (Male)

African Soft Furred Rat. These little guys must go home in same-gendered pairs only and cannot be housed with other types of rats. They make great pets and are very curious!

Albino Glowlight Tetra – we have standard Glowlights available, too!

After nearly five days of having no dial tone, our phones are finally back online! We can once again be reached at 812-476-PETS (7387)!

One of our male Bunnies!

We are now on day four without phone service (our phone system went down sometime early in the morning on Friday, March 6, 2015). Our service provider, AT&T, has diagnosed this issue as a circuit problem in one of their T1 lines that runs to our store. We are terribly sorry for this major inconvenience, and […]